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Ali Lynch is a pediatric occupational therapist with nearly 15 years of experience across a variety of pediatric settings including education, outpatient, in-home, virtual, and community trainings. Additionally, as a mama of three kids, Ali sees firsthand the diversity and uniqueness of each child even within her own family. This combination makes her uniquely equipped to support children and families with a variety of needs.

Ali's experience focuses on supporting the unique needs of each child and she is especially passionate about facilitating self-regulation. We live in a world that is getting more and more anxious. Each child deserves to find ways that their unique body and brain best regulate. Some kids are able to regulate their emotions and behaviors without much support while others benefit from exploring sensory based regulation strategies with a trained and experienced professional.

Ali is a licensed occupational therapist and has a master's degree in occupational therapy from Washington University in St. Louis.

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School Observations & Recommendations

Observations take place in the educational setting(s) where the student is most likely to exhibit challenges. Observation results and recommendations are presented to parents and can be presented to the school, if desired.

Home Observations & Recommendations

Observations take place in the home setting(s) where the student is most likely to exhibit challenges. Observation results and recommendations are presented to parents.

Occupational Therapy Evaluation

The child is guided through a series of tasks to determine how underlying skill areas may be contributing to areas of concern.

Direct Occupational Therapy

Following an occupational therapy evaluation, the therapist works with the child to improve mutually agreed upon goal areas. 

School Consulation

Educators and the therapist explore difficulties observed in school and areas where the student may benefit from an observation, therapeutic intervention, adaptive equipment, an occupational therapy evaluation, and/or individual or group occupational therapy.

Parent Consultation

Parent concerns are discussed to determine if a child may benefit from an occupational therapy evaluation, observation, or recommendations of products, activities, or a consultation with another type of service provider. Consultations can stand alone or be combined with ongoing direct therapy to provide education and monitor progress on goals.

Home or School Program Development

After determining underlying skill areas that are impacting the goals of the child, family, and/or school, a program is developed to be completed at home or school. The program will be monitored and adapted as the child progresses.

Sensory Training

Sensory information is presented in an easy to understand way and tailored specifically for the audience. Applicable to educators, parents, church staff and volunteers, nonprofits and students as young as Pre-K!

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Our son’s growth from working with Ali has poured over into his incredible success in the school setting. The strategies and supports that Ali provided to both us and to the school have been instrumental in his overall growth and educational growth. We recommend Ali as she is an incredible and knowledgeable occupational therapist.

— Parents of a 7 year old

I have spent the last 7 years advocating for my son, looking for answers, seeking understanding for myself and from anyone that knew SOMETHING. We have toured many schools, spent countless hours working with other professionals, spent thousands on evaluations... anything to help us help our child and family… NEVER did I think OT would help my child. Sure, maybe with some handwriting skills, but not the daily struggles he/we have. Lo and behold, we finally hired @yourkidrockstherapy to help, and it's changed our world. I CANNOT BELIEVE what basic biological struggles my child copes with every day and am amazed at how he's adapted to make his world work for him. This is science you guys! And it is changing all of our lives. For the first time in 7 years I feel like we have a team, an advocate, an ally, a professional with so much more knowledge and experience than we have, fighting for us, and with us, to give our child exactly what he needs. Please don't be me. If you have any inkling that your child is struggling with ANYTHING, especially at a young age, it'll be worth your time to find out how you can better be in their corner. I can confidently say I've never been more impressed by a professional in my life. I am grateful beyond belief, and know in my heart WE will get there.

— Mom of a 10 year old

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Recommended Products*

*Earns commissions

I am passionate about helping all families have the resources needed to thrive. I have included some of my favorite products to help with this below. For specific information about the types of products that would be best to support your specific family's needs, please contact me for a consultation. Please note that I do earn a commission on purchases made through the links below.

Ball Pit
This is a great tool for toddlers and preschoolers to get tactile input, visual stimulation, and proprioceptive input. This one has a hoop which is an added benefit to work on hand eye coordination. I use a pop up beach tent from Ikea for ease of clean up and storage but linked one below that looks similar. You can choose bright colored balls for kids who seek visual input and muted colors for kids who avoid bright colors. Contact me if you are unsure which is best for your family.

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Collapsible Ball Pit
Instagram Ball Pit Post

Loop Earplugs & Noise Cancelling Headphones
As a person with auditory sensitivity and mama of three not so quiet kiddos, my Loop Earplugs are a necessity! I can still hear conversations but noises are not quite as noxious when I wear these. I can even drive on the highway with my windows down and fly on airplanes without ear pain when wearing these (yes, without tools like this, those activities actually cause me physical pain)! Please be sure to follow wearing guidelines, especially if buying a set for kids.

We also keep a pair of the noise cancelling headphones linked below for each of our kids in our cars at all times.

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Sleeping Tools

I love the hug sleep pod for those who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. This stretchy material activates the proprioceptive system by providing deep pressure input. It can be used as an alternative to a weighted blanket, especially for people who have a harder time staying asleep or who become hot easily. Older kids may need an adult size.

Weighted blankets can also be helpful for calming and falling asleep but should be used with the guidance of an occupational therapist or other trained professional. Please schedule a consultation to determine the appropriate weight recommendation before purchasing.

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Body Sock
This is a great product for kids who crave deep pressure or have difficulties with body awareness or tactile processing. We like to stuff a therapy ball inside and play sumo wrestling.

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Favorite Kids Books
These are some of my favorite books to promote self-understanding, calming, sensory needs, and self-regulation.

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Favorite Parenting Books
If your child has any big feelings or difficulties with self-regulation, it may be helpful to learn more specific strategies and techniques to equip you to provide the best support. Below are some of my favorite books for parents.

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Fidgets and Calming Tools
Please consult with an occupational therapist to
find the tools that are the most beneficial for your family. Below are some that are often recommended.

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Tools for Daily Living
Some kids benefit from specific tools or environmental adaptations to make their environment more user friendly.
Here are some products that have helped other clients with specific daily needs.

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Sensory Equipment

Every person's sensory preferences and needs are unique so please consult with an occupational therapist before purchasing equipment for your home.

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Fine and Visual Motor Activities
In typical development, reading and writing skills are built on a strong foundation of fine and visual motor skills. For several reasons, including increased screen use, baby containment devices, and an educational push to begin direct academics earlier and earlier, many kids have skipped typical developmental sequences to firmly build fine and visual motor skills and have weaknesses in these foundational elements to learning. You can make reading and writing easier by strengthening these foundational skills with play based fine and visual motor activities.

Links below earn commission.

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